My dog is not a sporting breed. Can I still feed him Sport Dog Food?

My dog is not a sporting breed. Can I still feed him Sport Dog Food?

Sport Dog Food is complete and nutritionally balanced for dogs of all breeds and life stages. Keep in mind though, that our recipes are formulated for active, sporting, and working dogs which means that our formulas are more calorie-dense than your typical kibble. If your dog is not a sporting breed but is still highly active, Sport Dog Food can provide the higher calorie content he needs to fulfill his energy requirements. If your dog is a normally active or under active breed, you should be careful to avoid overfeeding. 

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      Sporting Dog was made for breeds like Pointers, Gundogs, Flushing Dogs, Setters, Spaniels, and Retrievers.
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      Sporting Dog was made for Law enforcement, Obedience, Scent and Detection, Search and Rescue, Tracking and IPO.