Formula Facts

Formula Facts

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    • Who formulates our food?

      All of our formulas have been created alongside the two animal nutritionists that work with our manufacturers, Bright Pet and Muenster Milling. One of the animal nutritionists employed by our manufacturer has a Bachelors degree in Animal Science from ...
    • What is the caloric value per gram, cup, or can of your foods?

      What is the caloric value per gram, cup, or can of your foods?  ​You can find the kcals per cup under each formula page! As well as our guaranteed analysis! 
    • Do you offer sample sizes or smaller bags?

      Yes, we offer smaller bags to try out.  We’re confident that you’re going to love Sport Dog Food, but we understand your desire to test the product before making a significant monetary commitment. We currently offer samples as well as 5-pound bags of ...
    • How much Sport Dog Food should I feed?

      Since Sport Dog Food is higher in protein, fat, and kcals than most other traditional kibbles on the market today, you may find that you're feeding less! There are calculators on each formula's webpage under the INGREDIENTS tab where you can enter ...