Corn in dog food acts as an affordable carbohydrate with a low glycemic index.

Known to be used by Purina, Eukanuba

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    • Corn flour

      Corn flour is the result of grating whole corn kernels into powder. This process keeps the vitamins, fiber, protein, and starch intact. Known to be used by Purina
    • Corn Germ Meal

      Corn Germ Meal, also known as "maize germ meal", is a byproduct left over when oil is extracted from corn. It is most frequently found in livestock feed. Its absorbency makes it ideal for holding liquid. Known to be used by Purina
    • Cornmeal

      Cornmeal is coarser than cornflour. Cornmeal, unlike cornflour, has the corn's oily germ and bran removed during the grinding process. Known to be used by Purina
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      Corn Gluten Meal or "Gluten Meal" is a byproduct produced when making corn syrup. It is a protein and is mostly used in animal feed and grass maintenance. The "gluten" in the name is a misnomer--there is no gluten in corn gluten meal. Known to be ...