Do you have a Breeder Program? 
Apr-22nd, 2017 13:56

Do you have a Breeder Program? 

Yes, we offer a Breeder Program.  Registered dog breeder proof is required. We offer you a 12 + 1 program. In other words, for every 12 bags you buy, you will get your 13th free.  Because you are receiving a deep discount, these purchase will not be eligible for our Loyalty Rewards.  Additionally, we will provide a free 12 lb bag of our food for up to 8 new puppies. This is a great way to send a new puppy home. (Maximum 2 litters per year). As an added benefit, you will receive 50% off all SportDogFood Supplements

We also have a Wholesale Program. There is a 2,000 pound minimum per purchase and you must be able to receive and offload from commercial trailer at your location. Available formulas include: Elite Beef 50-pound, Elite Puppy 50-pound, Maintenance Beef 50-pound, Power 50-pound, Performance 50-pound, or Endurance 40-pound. You can mix these formulas for a total of 40 bags.   

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